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Bolt Burdon Solicitors v Tariq and Others 13-Apr-16 QBD
Caim by solicitors for professional fees under a Contingency Fee Agreement entered into with their clients, the defendants, in respect of non-contentious business in recovering compensation from Allied Irish Bank Plc under the Financial Conduct . .
Jones v McNichol 24-Mar-16 QBD
Application for urgent interim relief brought ex parte on notice, to lift the claimant Mr Jones' current suspension from holding office in or representing the Labour Party. . .
D and Others, Regina -v- 17-May-11 CACD
Each defendant was convicted of offences of sexual abuse of children, in each case said to have been committed over a substantial period. Each of them denied any sexual contact with the children at all. In each case the judge admitted, under the bad . .
V v Associated Newspapers Ltd and Others 25-Apr-16 CoP
A patient had earlier been given protection by the anomisation of her case. She had since died, and the court considered whether the order should be continued to protect members of the family.
Held: The Court of Protection had jursidiction to . .
BNY Mellon Corporate Trustee Services LIMITED v Taberna Europe CDO I PLC 08-Apr-16 ChD
This case concerns sets of notes issued by, respectively, Taberna Europe CDO I plc and Taberna Europe CDO II plc, special purpose vehicles which are the first defendants to the two claims before me. The proceeds of the Notes were used by their . .
Regina v Chedwyn Evans 21-Apr-16 CACD
The defendant had been convicted of rape and had served his sentence. On a reference from the Criminal Cases Review Commission, he appealed saying that evidence which was relevant and admissible had come to light.
Held: The safety of the . .
Wasteney v East London NHS Foundation Trust 07-Apr-16 EAT
EAT Religion or belief - direct discrimination (section 13 EqA 2010) - harassment (section 26)
Article 9 European Convention on Human Rights
Complaints had been made by a junior worker of Muslim faith . .
Ahmed v Arearose Ltd 05-Feb-16 EAT
EAT Practice and Procedure: Right To Be Heard - The Appellant's claim form was rejected for non-compliance with the early conciliation provisions. He applied for a reconsideration under Rule 13 of the Employment . .
Private Medicine Intermediaries Ltd v Hodkinson and Another 15-Jan-16 EAT
EAT Disability Discrimination - Section 15
UNFAIR DISMISSAL - Constructive dismissal
Equality Act 2010 ('EqA') sections 15 (unfavourable treatment because of something arising in . .
Greenslade v Next Distribution Ltd 18-Jan-16 EAT
EAT Disability Discrimination: Detriment - DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION - Reasonable adjustments
Disability discrimination - 'detriment' - failure to make . .
Barclays Trust Company (Jersey) Ltd v Ernst & Young Llp 20-Apr-16 ComC
The claimants seek damages for the alleged professional negligence of the defendant ('EY') in providing due diligence services in relation to the claimants' acquisition in February 2007 of the Esporta health and fitness business . .
The Libyan Investment Authority v Societe Generale Sa and Others 09-Mar-16 ComC
'Whilst a bloody civil war rages in Libya the Claimant, the Libyan Investment Authority ('the LIA'), has commenced proceedings alleging that certain trades, which involved the payment of US$2.1 billion by the LIA to Societe Generale SA ('SocGen') . .
Kotova v Director of Public Prosecutions 08-Dec-15 Admn
The claimant had been convicted of criminal offences in Russia. She now objected that a continued fiminal investigation in the UK was as to the matters for which she had already served imprisonment, and was therefore oppressive.
Held: The . .
Douglas v HM Attorney General and Others 15-Dec-15 Admn
The claimant sought discharge of a declaration that she was a vexatious litigant. The order had been made in 2006.
Held: The claimant had persisted with attempts to litigate speculative matters. The claim was rejected: 'The Applicant's recent . .
Broads Authority v Fry 05-Nov-15 Admn
The Authority brought an appeal by way of case stated, the regulatory authority for the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, concerning the effect of changes in the statutory regime as a result of the 2009 Act 2009. The particular issue concerns the . .
Dixon, Regina (on The Application of) v The Secretary of State for Justice 30-Sep-15 Admn
'the claimant, a former prisoner at HMP Manchester, complains of what he says was unacceptable delay by the prison service in 2013-2014 in providing a psychological assessment and report which the parole board had recommended should be obtained in . .
Dinglis Properties Ltd and Another v Dinglis Management Litd and Others 14-Apr-16 ChD
Application to discharge a freezing order on the grounds (i) that there was no solid evidence of a risk that the defendants will dissipate their assets and (ii) that it was obtained in breach of the Claimants' duty of full and fair disclosure.
Cadbury UK Ltd v The Comptroller General of Patents Designs and Trade Marks 18-Apr-16 ChD
Appeal against the decision of Hearing Officer, for the Registrar of Trade Marks, whereby he refused a request made by Cadbury UK Ltd, to delete a mark from a series of trade marks, as permitted by section 41 of the Trade Marks Act and the rules . .
8 Representative Claimants and Others v MGN Ltd 19-Apr-16 ChD
Application about costs which raises an important point about the applicability of normal conditional fee agreement provisions to privacy litigation generally. Although the application has technically been made by the claimants, the real point which . .
AP Racing v Alcon Components 04-Mar-16 ChD
Appel against refusal to strike out a claim for patent infringement on the basis of Henderson v. Henderson abuse of process in respect of certain products . .
Shipowners' Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association (Luxembourg) v Containerships Denizcilik Nakliyat Ve Ticaret As ('Yusuf Cepnioglu') 20-Apr-16 CA
The court had to ascertain the juridical nature of a foreign statute which gives a victim the right to sue a defendant's insurer directly without first suing the insured. . .
Fidex Ltd v HM Revenue & Customs 21-Apr-16 CA
'This appeal is concerned with a tax avoidance scheme called Project Zephyr. The object of this scheme was to create a loss of around €84 million in the hands of the appellant ('Fidex') which would be available for group relief throughout the BNP . .
Alhashem v The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions 21-Apr-16 CA
Mrs Alhashem, a Dutch citizen, had been living in the UK since 2010. She was at first awarded job seeker's allowance, but this ended because she was unable to sign on for work because of ill health. She then applied for employment and support . .
Phillips v Willis 22-Mar-16 CA
Appeal by a claimant against a case management decision in an action where the sum claimed was only £3,486. Despite that circumstance, there is an important issue of principle at stake, which merits an appeal to the Court of Appeal. . .
Revenue and Customs v Ag Villodre Sl 07-Apr-16 UTTC
UTTC Customs duty - Customs Community Code, Arts. 5, 221 - import of garlic declared to be of Indian origin - HMRC contended that garlic was of Chinese origin resulting in higher duty payable - post clearance . .
Bean and Another v Katz and Another 06-Apr-16 UTTC
An appeal from a decision made in the Land Registration Division of the First-tier Tribunal on the Appellants' application for a determined boundary under section 60 of the Land Registration Act 2002. . .
Nouazli, Regina (on The Application of) v Secretary of State for The Home Department 20-Apr-16 SC
The court considered the compatibility with EU law of regulations 21 and 24 of the 2006 Regulations, and the legality at common law of the appellant's administrative detention from 3 April until 6 June 2012 and of bail restrictions thereafter until . .
In Re N (Children) 13-Apr-16 SC
The issue in this case is whether the future of two little girls, one now aged four years and two months and the other now aged two years and 11 months, should be decided by the courts of this country or by the authorities in Hungary. Both children . .
Asset Land Investment Plc and Another v The Financial Conduct Authority 20-Apr-16 SC
These proceedings were brought by the Financial Conduct Authority against Asset Land Investment plc and associated parties, alleging the carrying on of regulated activities without authorisation, contrary to section 19 of the Financial Services and . .
Gurieva and Another v Community Safety Development (UK) Ltd 06-Apr-16 QBD
Claim against private investigator, seeking compliance with the 1988 Act, in particular seeking details of personal information held.
Held: 'The claimants' SAR is and was valid. There was never any proper basis for questioning its validity. . .
Kimathi and Others v Foreign & Commonwealth Office 18-Mar-16 QBD
Ruling in relation to Defendant's application for an order 'directing that the issues of double actionability and limitation be heard and determined as preliminary issues' . .
KCR v The Scout Association 18-Mar-16 QBD
Claim by former cub scout for damages for alleged sexual abuse by former scout leader. . .
Howe v Motor Insurers' Bureau 22-Mar-16 QBD
The claimant sought damages after a road traffic accident in France caused by a wheel spinning from a still unidentified lorry. . .
Bartholomews Agri Food Ltd v Thornton 23-Mar-16 QBD
Application for an interim injunction against the Respondent in which Bartholomews seeks to enforce the terms of a restrictive covenant contained in the Respondent's contract of employment. . .
Webb v Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust 14-Apr-16 CA
. .
Transocean Drilling UK Ltd v Providence Resources Plc 13-Apr-16 CA
This appeal turns on the construction of a few clauses in a contract for the hire of a semi-submersible drilling rig. . .
South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust v Laindon Holdings Ltd 19-Apr-16 CA
Appeal against order made after findings on hearings as to dilapidation. . .
Secretary of State for The Home Department v LW (Jamaica) 19-Apr-16 CA
The court was asked to determine whether the First-Tier Tribunal erred in law and whether the Upper Tribunal itself erred in law in upholding the FTT's decision. Underlying this appeal, however, is the important policy question as to the public . .
The Prudential Assurance Company Ltd v HM Revenue and Customs 19-Apr-16 CA
'The issues on this appeal all relate to what have been called 'portfolio holdings'; that is to say dividends paid on shares in foreign companies held as investments, where the investor holds less than 10 per cent of the voting power in the company . .
PJS v News Group Newspapers Ltd 18-Apr-16 CA
The claimant celebrity had obtained an injunction restraining the defendant newspaper from publishig details of his extra marital activities. The newspaper appealed. . .
LSREF IIIi Wight Ltd v Gateley Llp 13-Apr-16 CA
Appeal agaist finding as to quantum in claim for professional negligence against a firm of solicitors. . .
Khawaja v Popat and Another 14-Apr-16 CA
Appeal against order for suspended term of imprisonment on finding of being in contempt of court. . .
ICS Car Srl v Secretary of State for The Home Department 19-Apr-16 CA
The transport ompany challenged fines impsed on it after thre Afghan nationals were found too have stowed on its trucks entering the UK. . .
Hallam and Another, Regina (on The Applications of) v The Secretary of State for Justice 11-Apr-16 CA
The claimants had had their criminal convictions quashed, but had had claims for compensation rejected. They said that secetion 133(1ZA) of the 1988 Act (as amended) infringed their Human Rights by displacing the presumption of innocence.
Department for Transport v Sparks and Others 14-Apr-16 CA
Appeal by the Department for Transport from a judgment making declarations that certain terms, identified in a schedule to the order, were terms of the contracts of employment between the Department and the respondents.
Held: The employer's . .
Dechert Llp v Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation Ltd 19-Apr-16 CA
Appeal against order for detailed assessment of solictors' bill of costs. . .
Re C (Children) 14-Apr-16 CA
'The issue to be determined is whether there is power in this jurisdiction to prevent a parent with parental responsibility from registering a child with the forename of his or her choice. If the answer to that question is 'Yes', the second question . .
BL (Jamaica) v The Secretary of State for The Home Department 13-Apr-16 CA
'The central issue on this appeal is whether in its decision dated 6 February 2014 the Upper Tribunal (McCloskey J and UTJ Perkins) ('the UT') made an error of law in allowing an appeal by BL, a foreign convicted offender aged 31 years and a . .
AIG Europe Ltd v OC320301 Llp and Others 14-Apr-16 CA
'This appeal turns on the true construction of an aggregation clause contained in an insurance policy applicable to all solicitors' indemnity policies pursuant to the requirement in the Solicitors' Act 1974 for compulsory liability insurance for . .
Dacorum Borough Council v Foy 13-Jan-16 CA
Application for permission to appeal - dispute as to width of public footpath. . .
Re I (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008) 12-Apr-16 FD
The court considered questions arising on applications for use of the equitable doctrine of rectification in cases of mistake at IVF Clinivs. . .
Onykwere v Secretary of State for The Home Department 13-Apr-16 Admn
Claim for judicial review by an adult male national of Cameroon challenging two decisions of the Secretary of State for the Home Department: i) The decision refusing the Claimant's application to have his Deportation Order revoked and to certify . .
B, Regina (on The Application of) v The Secretary of State for The Home Department 12-Apr-16 Admn
Judicial review raising issues about the definition of human trafficking and its application to the claimant; the relationship between the Dublin Regulation for the return of asylum seekers within the EU on the one hand and international human . .
Auzins v Prosecutor General's Office of The Republic of Latvia 14-Apr-16 Admn
Appeal against extradition order on five grounds: i) The judge should have discharged him because the Latvian authorities were estopped, or the issue of his surrender was res judicata, on account of his discharge in March 2011 in Scotland in . .
Majit, Regina (on The Application of) v Secretary of State for The Home Department 18-Mar-16 Admn
Application for a so-called 'generic' stay - in fact, an interim injunction - on all Dublin III Regulation returns to Bulgaria pending judgment in a test case relating to that issue (Khaled v Secretary of State for the Home Department CO/2899/2015). . .
Hayfin Opal Luxco 3 Sarl and Another v Windermere VII CMBS Plc and Others 08-Apr-16 ChD
Snowden J introduced the case saying: 'The issues concern the rights attaching to the 'Class X Note' in a Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securitisation (CMBS) structure called 'Windermere VII' that was arranged in 2006 by Lehman Brothers International . .
Aranyosi and Caldararu 05-Apr-16 ECJ
ECJ (Judgment) Preliminary reference - Police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters - Framework Decision 2002/584 / JHA - European arrest warrant - Execution Grounds for refusal - Charter of Fundamental . .
Ruijssenaars and Jansen v Staatssecretaris van Infrastructuur en Milieu 17-Mar-16 ECJ
ECJ Judgment Air transport - Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 - Article 7 - Compensation payable to passengers in the event that their flight is cancelled or delayed by more than three hours - Article 16 - National . .
Adam v London Borough of Waltham Forest 03-Mar-16 CA
Renewed application for permission to appeal against an order dismissing an appeal against a review decision under the homelessness provisions of the Housing Act 1996. The relevant issue before the judge was whether the review officer for the local . .
Smith v Stratton and Another 08-Dec-15 CA
'The question in the case was and is whether the Motor Insurers' Bureau ('the MIB'), second defendants in the action and respondents in this court, are liable to meet the appellant's claim for damages for personal injury sustained in a motor . .
Wapshott v Davis Donovan & Co 1996 CA
The defendant solicitors had negligently in 1986 failed to advise purchasers that there was no good title to part (an extension over an adjoining property) of a leasehold flat which they were buying. The problem came to light in 1988 when they . .
Michalak v The General Medical Council and Others 23-Mar-16 CA
The court considered the remedies and routes of appeal available to individuals who claim to have suffered from discrimination, victimisation, harassment or detriment in the treatment that they have received from a qualifications body. In . .
MA (Bangladesh) v Secretary of State for The Home Department 22-Mar-16 CA
Two appeals concerning the principles established in Tanveer Ahmed v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2002] INLR 345 in relation to the authenticity and reliability of documents in asylum cases. . .
HM Revenue & Customs v Apollo Fuels Ltd and Others and Another 17-Mar-16 CA
The court was asked whether an employee is liable to income tax in respect of a car leased to him by his employer on arm's length commercial terms, including lease charges at full market value. . .
Hargreaves v HM Revenue and Customs 22-Mar-16 CA
The court was asked whether the appellant taxpayer, Mr Hargreaves, has the right to require the respondent to establish, at a separate preliminary hearing prior to the hearing of his appeal against a 'discovery' assessment made under section 29 of . .
General Medical Council v Adeogba 18-Mar-16 CA
The court was asked as to the approach to be adopted by a professional regulator, in this case the General Medical Council, when those whom it seeks to regulate do not participate in the potentially lengthy disciplinary hearing convened to examine . .

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