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Holmes v Bangladesh Biman Corporation; HL 1989

References: [1989] AC 1112, [1989] 1 All ER 852, [1989] 2 WLR 481
Coram: Lord Bridge, Lord Griffiths
Mr Holmes was killed when the defendant’s aircraft in which he was a passenger crashed on a domestic flight in Bangladesh. As a domestic flight, it was not international carriage. The proper law of the contract was undoubtedly Bangladeshi law. Under Bangladeshi law the plaintiff’s damages would have been limited to £913. But Mr Holmes’s widow sued in the United Kingdom, relying on the 1967 Order and its application to ‘all carriage of persons . . performed by aircraft for reward.’ She argued these words included foreign domestic flights.
Held: The airline’s appeal succeeded. Lord Bridge asked what modes of transport were regulated by the Hague Rules and said: ‘In authorising the application of such rules, based on or adapted from the Hague Rules, to non-Convention carriage by air, what categories of such carriage may Parliament have reasonably had in contemplation as the proper subject matter of United Kingdom legislation?’
Lord Griffiths said: ‘I can see no reason why our Parliament should wish to legislate to provide for domestic air law in Bangladesh any more than it would wish to legislate on road traffic or railway safety in Bangladesh and I do not believe that it intended it to do so.’
This case is cited by:

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