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Biba (Trade Mark: Revocation) O34706; IPO 7 Dec 2006

References: [2006] UKIntelP o34706
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Coram: Mr M Foley
IPO The specification of the mark in suit covers ‘Articles of clothing, none being for export to Africa’.
The mark in suit dates back to the 1960’s and was first coined by a Ms Barbara Hulanicki. The mark was acquired by the registered proprietor in 1975 and use after than date appears to have been intermittent. The application for revocation was filed on 20 January 2005 so the relevant five year period for showing use covers the period 21 January 2000 to 20 January 2005.
The registered proprietor filed evidence of use of the mark in suit but the use shown was not clear cut and the evidence was not well focused. However, the Hearing Officer accepted that there had been use of a mark incorporating the word BIBA (the word BIBA used with an art deco swirl device) in respect of a range of outer clothing and shoes for women and children. Taking account of the use of the mark BIBA & device and how it was referred to in newspaper advertisements and articles, the Hearing Officer accepted that the use shown was sufficient to protect the registration of BIBA in respect of the following goods; ‘Articles of outer clothing; shoes; all for woman and girls; but not including any such goods for export to Africa.’ The Hearing Officer ordered that the specification of the mark in suit be restricted accordingly.
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